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15 Dec
A new Age
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Hi all,

I think it is time for some major news following the network merger.........

As promised at the time, once the merger was sorted and all servers were stable and running smoothly
, MC-Ages would launch a new age.

We well the time has come and I am pleased to announce that

A New Age is coming.

This new Age will be launched within the next 5 days!!!!

Please keep an eye out on the
#news and web-site for the exact launch date.



The team and I are really excited for the launch and look forward to seeing you all...
30 Nov
Happy Holidays - 2020!
  • Thread starter Tirco
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Happy Holidays!

As we have now reached December 1st, it's time for an update as the holidays approcahes!
Here's some of the things todays update includes:

Festive Lobby!
The lobby has put on its festive suit, and is filled with the holiday spirit!

Scavenger Hunt!
Much like the hunt for spirits on the default lobby, you can now search for Christmas Presents!
At the moment of writing there's currently 40 presents hidden in various places around the lobby for adventurous players to find!

This hunt is slightly easier than the one on the default lobby, as it doesn't include as much of the parkour.
If you want to...​
18 Nov
Server Merging
  • Thread starter Cobrex
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Good news!!!!!

The new hub is built and ready (oh my, it looks sooooooooo good!!!)

A sneaky peek for you all:

The servers will be merging on Saturday.

Therefore the servers will be taken down at 2:00pm (UK) / 9:00am (eastern). I am hoping the servers will be down for around an hour while I update the bungee and merge the servers onto the single hub and ip. All connections once the server is back up, will now be through

Some further good news, following plugin testing, the servers will also be updated to 1.16.4!

Wish us all luck and fingers crossed for the smooth merger and update to 1.16.4.