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18 Nov
Server Merging
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Good news!!!!!

The new hub is built and ready (oh my, it looks sooooooooo good!!!)

A sneaky peek for you all:

The servers will be merging on Saturday.

Therefore the servers will be taken down at 2:00pm (UK) / 9:00am (eastern). I am hoping the servers will be down for around an hour while I update the bungee and merge the servers onto the single hub and ip. All connections once the server is back up, will now be through

Some further good news, following plugin testing, the servers will also be updated to 1.16.4!

Wish us all luck and fingers crossed for the smooth merger and update to 1.16.4.

15 Nov
MC-Ages - The Next Steps
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MC-Ages – Next Steps

Hi all,

This is a fairly large announcement, so hopefully you will all take time to read it.

As you all know I have been running and now own MC-Ages and as stated before, I am humbled and honoured that Harry has allowed me to continue his amazing work with MC-Ages. What you all will not know is that I already own a Minecraft network and have been running this for several years.

The network I currently own is called TownyQuest, (ip - and it is Towny Questing server. The claiming system is via towny, not grief prevention (golden shovel) and works on a chunk claim basis, not blocks.

I have been considering this for a while and have been discussing it with all the staff and I am totally certain that the two networks will make a perfect fit, and therefore it is my intention to merge the two together and have a single network. This...
15 Nov

Some of you might still see the old page that's a DNS server issue we can't do much about.

If you do see this new page Welcome To The New Mc-ages website